Sofia Tapinassi, Pianist and author of the Project

I was born in Florence on February 8 1994.
Looking at myself I would say that I am a person strongly motivated by curiosity and also a bit of a  loner. I like evenings spent watching documentaries over a cup of tea. 

I am greatly fascinated by history, above all by the period of the Shoah, World War II and the Cold  War. I am constantly in search of art forms and true stories that can stir my feelings. In particular, I prefer the art and music of the 20th century because the concept of beauty ceases to be important and there emerges a search for what takes place in the human psyche. Together with this, or as a consequence, one finds certain traits of coarseness and sometimes cutting expressiveness, all of which attract me a lot. 

I studied at the Conservatory in Florence, graduating in piano performance with First Class Honors under the guidance of Susanna Bigongiari. Following this, I was selected for the Kantoratelier two year course in Florence entitled “Dædalus – Artisti da Giovane” (“Dædalus – the artist as a young man”), an interdisciplinary course for classical musicians held by Alexander Lonquich and Cristina Barbuti . 

As a concert pianist, I have held concerts in Italy, Sweden, Slovenia and Finland . Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to research into the Theresienstadt ghetto-camp , irresistibly drawn by the profound and touching role that music played in the inmates’ lives .

Sofia Tapinassi, Pianist & author of the Project

Produced and Directed by
Sofia Tapinassi & James Joel Dann

A New Take Films Production in collaboration with Sofia Tapinassi
Will Simpson | Editor
The Blue Card Foundation, Masha Pearl, Elie Rubinstein, John Williams, Daniel Elias & Cameron Orme | Executive producers
Douglas MacRae Brown, Andy Bachman & Mark Hancock | Associate producers

We are extremely grateful to our supporters and friends who believed in the project and made possible to successfully reach the goal on Kickstarter.

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